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Porcupine Tree
These days, with the Floyd so inactive my number one band is Porcupine Tree. Some people call “The Tree” a “21st Century Pink Floyd” but this comparison is not fair. Porcupine Tree can be way harder than The Floyd ever was, though the band’s roots are in 1970’s Progressive rock. 

My introduction to the Tree came during the pre-concert tape loop playing before a Roger Waters concert in Tamp in June 2000. No one knew who the band was but the song was infectious - after a month or two I finally figured out it was Waiting Phase One from the Signify album and within a few weeks I had every album I could get. Since then four more have been released along with a concert DVD, and I’ve seen them twice.

Seeing the band live is a real treat - they are one of the few really good bands you can see in a small venue for $25. Check this band out! 

Porcupine Tree use Native Floridian John Wesley as a tour-support guitarist. I’ve met Wes twice and he is as humble and affable as he is talented. Check out his music here:

He has an awesome voice, plays a phenomenal guitar, and his song writing is amazing. He has a gift for subtle use of metaphor. Give him a listen, you will be converted!



Arriving Somewhere, a great concert DVD from October 2005 on the Deadwing tour. Recorded in Chicago, this is the next best thing to being there. A second DVD has still photos, some of the background videos projected behind the band as they play, and a showcase of drummer Gavin Harrison’s talents in Cymbal Song. 


Nil Recurring, the latest from the Tree, this 28 minute EP rocks hard.






Fear of a Blank Planet, a conceptual piece about the disaffected youth of the digital age.


Deadwing, released in 2005.






In Absentia, released in 2002.


Stars Die, the Delerium Years, 1991-1997. A compilation released in 2002.






Recordings, released in 2001. Pay attention to the price - I got mine when it was first released - this is a 20,000 limited edition and as the band has become more popular it has become very expensive.


Lightbulb Sun, released in 2000.






Voyage 34, the Complete Trip, released in 2000.


Stupid Dream, released in 1999.






Metanoia, released in 1998.


Coma Divine, recorded live in Rome. Released in 1997.






Signify, released in 1996.


The Sky Moves Sideways, released in 1995.






Up the Downstair, released in 1993.


On the Sunday of Life, released in 1991.

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