Erosion - The breakdown and transportation of materials such as rock or sand by some moving agent such as water, ice, or wind.

Estuary - Literally, a place where a river meets the sea. Not to be confused with LagoonAn estuary is to a lagoon as a river is to a lake.  An estuary has several characteristics that distinguish it from a lagoon:
  1. Rather than formed by marine actions such as the old shorelines that confine the Indian         River Lagoon system, estuaries are generally formed in river valleys drowned by  rising        sea level or subsiding (sinking) land.
  2. Estuaries are dominated by
Astronomical Tides rather than by Meteorological Tides as         in the Indian River Lagoon.
  3. Estuary channels are characterized by a two-way flow, the regular flow of the river               toward the ocean, and a tidal flow during high tides in the opposite direction.
  4. A salinity Gradient running the distance from sea water at the mouth at 35 ‰ (parts per       thousand) salinity to essentially 0 ‰  beyond the effects of the highest tide.

Evolution - Change through time.  The scientific definition for biologists is “a change in gene frequency over time”.  A more general definition is a change in the genetic makeup of a population that leads to changes in the members of that population.



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