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Family Cupressaceae (Cedars)
Latin Name: Juniperus virginiana
Common Name: Red Cedar


J. virginiana, habit


J. virginiana, detail of scale-like leaves.   


J. virginiana, berry-like cones.


 J. virginiana, detail of cone.

Synonymy: Sabina silicicola Small, S. virginiana (L.) Antoine. 1.

Status: FacU- (NWI), Native. 2

Range: Central peninsula northward. 1

Habitat/Ecology: Hammocks, coastal beaches, and shell middens. 1 Dredge spoil and perimeter dikes of mosquito impoundments.
Similar Species: The white cedar Chamaecyparis has flattened opposite branchlets. 1

Reproduction: Dioecious, with cones superficially resembling berries.

Observations: This tree is commonly observed growing along dike roads and in raised areas among other trees. Often found in disturbed dredged areas and associated with limestone or shell deposits or spoil with shell in it. Bark appears shaggy.

Notes: Smoke from the plant was thought to prevent illness. Native Americans have considered the plant sacred. Now used for pencils and furniture. 3

1 - Wunderlin and Hansen, 2003. 2 - 3 – Austin, 2004.


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